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Our Streaming Boxes are some of the fastest most reliable Android boxes on the market.

Formuler z10


Formuler Z8 PRO Android Box for sale from Big Dog Wholesale
4K Ultra HD Streaming Android IPTV Platform

Stream more content and enjoy a higher quality OTT experience and unlock access to premium and Ultra High-Definition 4K content. Intuitive and easy to use, you can easily navigate through the menus and your TV options.

Live TV Subscription Plan included.



Dreamlink T2 5G  Dual Band WiFi antenna 600 MBPS IPTV Set Top Box.

This box brings back the balance between android apps and IPTV. It’s easy to use and navigate and allows for 4K/HDR.

Live TV Subscription Plan included.



Dreamlink Dlite + 5G IPTV Set Top Box

This is arguably the easiest to use Android Box on the market. It does not have the ability to access Android apps, but it does connect to IPTV.

This box is perfect for users who are simply looking to replace traditional TV services.

Live TV Subscription Plan included.



Bundle: BD4 + C2 Remote

The BD4 is one of the fastest most reliable android boxes on the market for the user on a budget. Loaded with Android OS, it is ready to start streaming all your favourite TV Shows, Movies and Sporting events.

With 2GB of RAM and 16GB of EMMC ROM (expandable to 64GB) this device is capable of streaming in full UHD 4K and 3D.

What makes our boxes different

Custom Made boxes

We are dedicated to researching and working with manufacturers to ensure that our custom made units are built with only the best in brand name components and have the most recent version of our custom firmware installed.

Facebook Group Support

Join our exclusive Big Dog Customer Support page on Facebook where you can freely ask any questions about the device you have purchased.

Lifetime Updates

BD Boxes include our exclusive Big Dog Updater which is used with a simple click of a button.

Free Lifetime Tech Support

For customers who need assistance from time to time, we offer free lifetime tech support.

12 Month Warranty

The BD Boxes comes with a full 12 month warranty, and if your device ever fails due to manufacturer defect, it will be replaced.

A Household Staple

Media streamers are used along with your existing internet service to allow you to watch all of your favourite TV shows and Movies. The boxes can be connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It is vital that you have a strong signal and fast enough download speed. We suggest at least 15-20mbps at the device itself.

Streaming uses approximately 1GB/hr when watching HD quality streams so you must take that into account when deciding how much data you will need each month. If in doubt about what your existing download speed or allowable data usage is please contact your current Internet Service Provider.

Bundle to Save Big!

Bundle a BD box with one of our wireless remotes to enhance your experience and save $20!

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“We love our Big Dog box. Best purchase we have made – love the support from big dog. Couldn’t be happier and saving so much money thanks to this.”

“We absolutely love our big dog box. After having 5 other android boxes we decided to switch and it was the best decision ever. It’s all preloaded, updates are super easy and it’s very user friendly. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an android box.”

What I like about this box is simplicity and the help videos are such a powerful tool to help guide us through basic tasks. Thanks Big Dog Media!

We just picked up one of these boxes last week. Could not be happier with it. Definitely have gotten our money’s worth within this first week alone. So easy to use, my 8 year old can put his own shows by himself. Which is great! We love the IPTV, and the variety of movies, new and old. The speed is unreal. Also, the support group is amazing! Highly recommended product. Goodbye cable bill!

I have a Q box already and decided to try out the BD8, it’s been fantastic! Smooth streaming, great apps and I pay for the live tv which is awesome! No need for cable anymore. Big Dog has the greatest support system with the private help group constantly monitored by the admins. Lots of updates at the click of a button as well. Doesn’t get much better or easier than this! Great price, products and support 10/10